What is a Deathwalker?
September 19, 2021
What is a Deathwalker?
Death in Print: Let's Talk About Hard Things by Anna Sale, Meet: Deathwalker Zenith Virago, Death on Screen: 'Always With Love' post goes viral
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Let's Talk About Hard Things by Anna Sale
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In Let’s Talk About Hard Things, Anna Sale shares some of the conversations she's had on her hit US podcast, 'Death, Sex & Money'.

The book features chapters on talking about death, sex, money, family and identity. Sale examines the impact of the pandemic in the US, raises questions about whose deaths are visible and whose aren't, considers how getting old doesn't necessarily prepare you for death and relates what happened when the late Australian writer Cory Taylor appeared on the Australian TV show, 'You Can't Ask That'.
Meet Zenith Virago
Zenith Virago is founder of the Natural Death Care Centre in Australia, the Byron Shire Day of the Dead and the Deathwalker Training programme, which she has now delivered all over Australia, USA, Europe and here in Aotearoa New Zealand.

In 2016, I brought Zenith to the top of the South Island to conduct the inaugural New Zealand Deathwalker Training programme here in Te Tauihu, just down the road from Fresh FM's Motueka studio, at Riverside Community Centre. Zenith returned again in 2019 to run it in Auckland and the Covid Gods willing, will be back in Aotearoa in 2022.

In Episode 1, we talk about the origins of the term, 'Deathwalker', and dig deep into some of the insights Zenith shared in her recent TEDx Talk: Disrupting Death - A guide to dying well.

Zenith Virago nominated 'Celebration' by Sally Oldfield as a song she would like played at her funeral or wake. Listen to the song in our 'Farewell songs' playlist.
I'm really walking with people on their journeys - I'm accompanying them in their sorrow and their loss - so I decided the term 'deathwalker' would cover the whole process . . . I've never really warmed to the title 'death doula' to describe the work that I do because I feel that it's much more comprehensive and inclusive, and it continues on after death.

- Zenith Virago on 'Deathwalker's Guide to Life'
Disrupting Death
Eight insights from Zenith Virago
'Always With Love' post goes viral
Some words of wisdom from Sarah Kerr, ritual healing practitioner and death doula, went viral when shared on the 'Always With Love' FB page on September 5. In only three days, the post attracted 5 million views, 142,000 shares and 21,000 comments, prompting the page owner to post a video pleading for only those with an authentic and genuine interest in deathwork to remain.

Sarah Kerr originally shared her words of wisdom in a video titled 'The First Thing to Do When Someone Dies' (which you can watch below). 'Always With Love' transcribed and posted the text along with art published on Columbus Community Deathcare's Facebook page.

When Episode 1 of Deathwalker's Guide to Life went to air, the cobbled together post had been viewed 19 million times, been shared 246,000 times and had attracted 41,000 comments.

Visit Sarah Kerr's Facebook page.
Visit the 'Always With Love' Facebook page.